CarX Drift Racing 2 – Update 1.5.2

Update 1.5.2 is already available in AppStore & Google Play.

The new update brings a number of features:

Tuning Workshop


If you’re not sure how to tune caster or Ackerman, or what tire pressure to choose for your car, there is no need to worry anymore. The new Tuning Workshop is where you’ll find perfect settings offered by other players. In case you’ve got quite an experience in tuning, you’ll be able to share your experience with others.



By the way, you can now name your custom settings for easier recognition.



New cars

This update brings three new Tier 5 cars:

Black Jack F150




Syberia WDC


New XDS configs

Following the request of many of our players, we have added a well-known config with that “wall jump” on East Togue. Do you still think it’s that easy? You won’t find out until you install this update.



In addition, there is a new config for Kami Road. We hope you’ll appreciate our work.



Premium subscription


If you find your progress in the game to be too slow and your tasks to take too much time to earn enough money to get a new car, Premium Subscription is right for you. It’s designed to give you a boost & will also bring a number of bonuses, for example, more duels and free attempts. So, check it out. It might be one thing you’ve been dreaming of.


New styles and exhaust pipes

We not only bring new cars but also keep improving those that are already available, & so this update adds a number of new exhaust pipes for Tier 3 cars and a few new skirting sets for:

Wanderer L30 — Slide Performance


Sorrow — Dmaster


Phoenix NX — StreetX


New levels


Another popular request we’ve been getting from you lately was about the number of levels. We did listen, as we always do, and so the number of levels has been increased up to 35. There is nothing to stop you from going up again. However, we’d like to bring your attention to the fact that a number of cars will become unavailable with the updated balance and new levels. That shouldn’t be a problem for drift kings like you are, right?


Other improvements

  • All configs now look better and have a more clear preview.
  • The new pilot can be turned on and off when taking a picture of your car in your garage
  • Bugfixing and overall optimization

That’s it for this time. Pretty much, huh? Feel free to come join us on social networks if you haven’t done that yet and you’re welcome to share your opinion and ideas with us.



Good luck racing, guys!