CarX Drift Racing Online – Update 2.0

Update 2.0 is already available on Steam, which brings many changes.

Newly rendered graphics

We have come to the new stage for CarX Drift Racing Online. All of the graphics have been updated.



Improved maps

Almost all of the previously available maps have been improved. The improvements came to both the tracks and the environment. Unfortunately, some of the maps are missing this time but they’ll be brought back later.
Anyway, we have added 4 new maps for you to enjoy.
East Toge




Red Rock


Red Ring


Cars changes

This update brings expanded customization options which include new bumpers, fenders, spoilers and many more. The new parts are available for all cars.



A few of the cars have been temporarily removed from the game but you should not worry. All cars from DLC will be restored on next update.
In addition, tail lights are functional on all cars.



Plus, the car and its wheels now act as one body since we have added a fully functioning suspension.



Interface changes

We have introduced a few changes to the dynostand. You don’t need to wait until it loads to start tuning your car. Do it right in your garage.