New Score system in CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing 2 – changes in the scoring system!

We both add something new with every update to improve the older, already available features.



Today we’d like to focus on some details of Update 1.3.2, among them is changes in the Drift Scoring system. The Drift Scoring system used to calculate your score based on the angle of your drift. According to the new formula, the final score is based not only on the angle but also the speed during the drift.

Therefore, in order to get a higher score (with the score level going into the red zone), you should reach the highest possible speed. To help you control your chances to get the highest score, there is a scale next to the Drift Scoring meter which is filled depending on your speed. If you maintain the scale filled, you will receive the highest score when drifting.

We decided to introduce this new parameter because speed is one of the key parameters taken into account when calculating the final score during different competitions.

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